I Wanna Be A Riot Grrrl


I was never in a band, it was one of those things that passed me by (much like the talent needed to be in a band), but I always had daydreams of being a frontwoman for a band. I’m definitely an extrovert (this is something that is not fashionable to admit these days, but hey, without us extroverts you introverts just wouldn’t be as cool), and always thought I had the personality to bring a certain je ne sais quoi to a band. Spunk. Brashness. Kickybootness.

I started university in Australia in the mid-90s, and quickly became involved in the student union movement in Melbourne. Lots of great music came out of this movement, and I was exposed to some great bands, but the Riot Grrrl tunes just totally appealed to me. I was an angry teenager, I was an even angrier end-of-teenager-years teenager, and the raw power of this music was perfect for me. 

I’ve recently created a new playlist on Deezer of my favourite Riot Grrrl bands and songs. I totally would have been a Riot Grrl. I was born a little late for it to be something that I could really embrace (was just beginning my teens in the early 90s) but the attitude, music and lyrics really resonated with me. They still do.

Does it make me feel younger? A little. Does it remind me that this angry and rawness is still deep inside me? Absolutely.

Allow me, dear reader, to share with you some of my favourite Riot Grrrl tunes.

Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat


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  5. I was so lucky to have been able to see all of these bands (except 7-year bitch) – I don’t think I missed a Babes in Toyland show! I’d love to see a grrrrl revolution in rock emerge again, but I just don’t see it happening. What I do see is girls up and coming in the hip hop world, which is great. But I’d still like to see the grrrrls rawkin. It was an amazing period of time for music.

    • I think girls coming up in hip hop is also great as long as they do it on their terms. I would hate for hip hop girls to only be portrayed as scantily-clad women grinding for the camera. Lily Allen’s “Bitch” was a good example of what it is mostly right now, and it’s something people need to fight against.

      • I agree with you, 100% – here’s a link to a program at the community radio station where I volunteer – Fresh Air in Mpls- it’s called Versed Radio http://kfai.org/versedradio
        These ladies really throw it down, and it’s definitely not about the t&the a thing. They showcase women who’ve got something to say. And it’s women who are up against an industry that’s male-dominated of course, which reminds me of the rock area. Hope you can check it out!

      • Oh thank you! Community radio is wonderful, worked a lot on it back in Australia. If we can get some real voices and female artists out there doing any kind of music that’s not adhering to the commonly accepted stereotypes, all the better.

  6. Also – this wasn’t exactly music, but I fronted and played guitar in a band back then, although I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 32 and never learned any real chords. Just sorta played by ear, used a really nice Fender reverb amp and a rat pedal. I guess it worked for us.

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